An insider’s view: what it’s like to be an IFS consultant

As an independent IFS consultant, Laurence Chapman has travelled to Switzerland to consult for a company that created bespoke DC motors for the Mars rover. And he’s now subcontracting for a British shipbuilding company.

We asked Laurence to reveal what it’s really like to be an IFS consultant. What are the positives and negatives? How did he get into it?

March 21st, 2023|

Eight pitfalls to avoid in your IFS ERP project

Successful IFS ERP projects have three key ingredients: business change, project delivery, and internal resourcing and support. But even with the most careful planning, it’s crucial to be vigilant to avoid your IFS implementation or upgrade going off track, running into trouble or even failing.

Adrian Radue reveals the eight early warning signs to look out for, so you can get your enterprise software project back on track.

January 25th, 2023|

Is now the right time to move to IFS Cloud?

IFS Cloud was launched in March 2021. Fast forward more than 18 months, and you might be considering: is now the right time to move to Cloud or should I wait?

To help you weigh up your options, we talked to our Programme Delivery Director, Jon Allen...

October 7th, 2022|
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